FindAccounts potential bug

Parand Darugar darugar at
Tue Jul 3 19:53:11 EDT 2007


I think there's a bug somewhere between libpurple, d-bus, or the
python wrappers in AccountsFind. Namely, AccountsFind doesn't find a
logged in account. I can't find a way to open a ticket on, please let me know if there's a better way to
submit this.

I've attached a script that reproduces the issue. The script waits for
an IM, grabs the account from that IM, and tries to 'AccountsFind' it
in several variations, all of which return 0 for me. It really should
find that account since it's a valid account, is logged in, and
responds to IsConnected, GetUsername, etc.

To run: make sure you have d-bus running, use
libpurple/example/nullclient to log in to an account, then run the
attached script. Then send an IM to the user you logged in as with

Here's the sample output from my run where I'm logged in as the user
'yabooto' via nullclient, and I send a IM to yabooto from the account
'tdarugar', over Yahoo IM:

darugar at ubuntu:~/packages/pidgin-2.0.2/libpurple/example$ ./nullclient
libpurple initialized.
        0: AIM
        9: Yahoo
Select the protocol [0-10]: 9
Username: yabooto
Account connected: yabooto prpl-yahoo
(tdarugar) (16:58:05) tdarugar: <FONT COLOR="#000000"><font face="arial">fish
(tdarugar) (16:58:05) yabooto: You said: <FONT COLOR="#000000"><font

darugar at ubuntu:~/projects/purple$ python
account=[33], name=[tdarugar], message=[<FONT COLOR="#000000"><font
face="arial">fish], conversation=[0], flags=[0]
protocol: Yahoo
user: yabooto
isconnected: 1
getActiveStatus: 51
FindConnected: 0
FindAny: 0
Find: 0
Find2: 0
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