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Gary Kramlich grim at
Mon Jul 9 17:34:18 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:


> I think the names of the preferences alone aren't generally useful.
> Maybe it would be better to have it return the xmlnode of the pref?
> And then have some prefs API to return fields from xmlnode? Perhaps
> using GValue?
> Although, I have no objection to the function as described, either.
> -s.

Funny, I asked about this years ago and was shut down.  Aside from that, 
we can't return the xmlnode, since that's only used for loading and 
saving (unless this has changed since I last looked).  But we have 
PurplePreferences which we shouldn't be allowing direct access to since 
anyone could then change them and the changed signal would never be 
emitted for it.

Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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