Recoded Website!

Kevin M Stange kevin at
Wed Jul 18 05:11:57 EDT 2007

I have gotten through all the existing web site pages and recoded
everything without the CMS and pushed it into the branch "im.pidgin.www"

I still need guidance as to what exactly the news pages are supposed to
do, and I have a feeling the CSS needs more tweaking for some layout
cases that didn't get tested.  The site currently seems to work well in
Firefox, Safari, and Opera.  It does not work right in IE 7 and Sadrul
tells me it looks amazing in IE 6....

The site itself can be previewed here:

Feel free to tweak the current pages in MTN or give feedback and I'll
try to make the remaining stuff work.  I am not sure yet how to fix IE,
but the quickest way might involve using the javascript from here:

That will "add" and "fix" some CSS support in IE6 and a subset can
probably be used to resolve the IE7 issues with mostly have to do with
CSS selectors that it ignores.  This javascript can be conditional for
IE users only.  If there are any major objections to that idea, I'm open
to other suggestions.

Luke, can you get me the button/link info for the footer?


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