Maillist config

Oliver Schinagl oliver at
Fri Jul 20 06:44:25 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton schreef:
> Oliver Schinagl spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> Hi, would it be possible to have an extra tag in the subject line for 
>> this mailling list?
>> E.g. [pidgin-devel] <subject>
>> all the other kids erm lists are doing it :p
> No, that's a Really Bad Idea.  We've already been through it once.
> Your mailer software should be able to handle mailing lists in a
> reasonable fashion without this, and if it cannot, you should be
> looking for software which can.
I like thunderbird, but i don't like setting up a gazillion 
options/addons to make it work :S (and i think it's fair enough to say 
that _most_ people are that way)
>> it just makes it easier to build filters (other then using the 'from' or 
>> the like) and it makes it easier to see in inbox's aswell.
> For reliability, you should be using List-Id or X-Been-There.  This is
> in fact quite superior to using any of To, Cc, From, or subject
> munging, as it captures Bccs and threads which are taken off-list,
> both.  As far as display, my mailer marks the mailing list just fine
> -- please don't ask for other people to adopt broken behavior to make
> up for the inadequacies of your software.
what is your mailer? cause Thunderbird doesn't.
>> (If it's a user configureable option, why not make it the default choice?)
> It's not, and because it's a terrible idea.  (The basic premise being,
> not munging is always a better choice than munging, and it wastes
> subject space to boot.)
> Ethan
Subjects shouldn't be that long to begin with, and it's not a waste, if 
it makes it utterly clear in your inbox. Sometimes i use webmail 
(squirrel or horde) and those certainly do Not have fancy mailing list 
I'd just like to be able to quickly glance at my inbox, no matter what 
client/where I am (go imap!) and see what's from a list, and what not, 
so that I can pick out that 1 mail I was waiting for.

I'd agree that it be very nice/confienient for mail clients to be able 
to handle this kinda stuff (better obviously then thunderbird is doing 
it now by default) but, 10 chars extra in that subject would be nice :p

Anyway, since my post to this list a few weeks ago basically went 
unnoticed ([Ekiga-list] Ekiga & Pidgin merge?) I'll be unsubscribing 
soon anyway, 200+ mails a day is gettin' to much (other lists too)

Thanks for your reply/explanation though, didn't know that mailling list 
info was even hiding in my mails.


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