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Kevin M Stange kevin at
Fri Jul 20 02:25:07 EDT 2007

Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Ethan Blanton schreef:
>> Oliver Schinagl spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>> it just makes it easier to build filters (other then using the 'from' or 
>>> the like) and it makes it easier to see in inbox's aswell.
>> For reliability, you should be using List-Id or X-Been-There.  This is
>> in fact quite superior to using any of To, Cc, From, or subject
>> munging, as it captures Bccs and threads which are taken off-list,
>> both.  As far as display, my mailer marks the mailing list just fine
>> -- please don't ask for other people to adopt broken behavior to make
>> up for the inadequacies of your software.
> what is your mailer? cause Thunderbird doesn't.

Thunderbird can, in fact, handle List-Id for filtering.  Try setting up
your filter with a custom header option, enter List-Id, and it'll work.
 This does NOT work for after-the-fact IMAP filters, because
Thunderbird's header caching is stupid.  There's a bug somewhere about
it, which will be fixed in ten years or so, if things at Mozilla are as


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