Porting finch to uClinux

Joshua Blanton jblanton at masaka.cs.ohiou.edu
Fri Jun 8 15:57:02 EDT 2007

Bill Fassler wrote:
> Josh - The target product in mind at the moment is an idiot-proff
> instant-on videophone, I am using opensource applications for
> feature rich funtionality like email, browsing, IM, movie viewer
> blah blah blah.....

Interesting.  I'm intrigued.  :-)

> As far as my troubles at the moment, perhaps you didn't get my
> build script but yes I am using --host=bfin-uclinux and no
> everything doesn't seem to be falling magically in place.
> Although I don't claim to be a veteran wizard, I have done cross
> compiling before and I can't remember a single time things went
> "magically well"... but alas such is life.

Yeah, I didn't read your build script until after I'd written my
email, since it wasn't threaded with the rest of the mails on the
subject.  Sorry about that.  Had I read it first, I would have left
that portion out :-P

> The current solution still eludes me. Your last piece of advice
> sounds promising and I already thought of it, but I thought the
> options had to be listed in the config file in the pidgin
> directory before I could use them.  When I do a ./configure -help
> I don't see the --with-include= or --with-libs=
> options....... Don't they have to be listed and recognized there
> before I can use them?

There's no generic --with-includes= or --with-libs= you can use, no;
however, you should be able to set the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS
environment variables correctly for ./configure, though, and it
will include those appropriately.  For instance, if you know that
you need to include /usr/cross-compile/include and link against
libraries in /usr/cross-compile/lib, you can use:

CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/cross-compile/include" LDFLAGS="-L/usr/cross-compile/lib" ./configure --whatever blah blah

...which should do what you want.  I think.  If I'm understanding
your question correctly, of course - but I misunderstood it last
time, so YMMV.  ;-)

Hope this helps,
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