I HATE the lack of protocol icons

Scott scott.edlund at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 00:10:45 EDT 2007

I'm with ya bud.  I have coworkers that I talk with at work and at home.

While I'm at work I like to make sure we use our internal Jabber server, to
stay away from using the proxy out onto the internet for private internal
work issues.  Sometimes they may not be logged onto the internal server for
whatever reason, and for me to know that I am not sending private data out
onto the internet eases me from highlighting the contact to find out which
account that it is that I'm sending to.

I guess I could re-alias all of my contacts to specify the protocols in
which the alias implies.  But isn't that what an icon is... a picture is
worth 1k words?  If all you want to do is show the status of the buddy with
the color -- get rid of the icon all together and change the text color of
the buddy name...
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