Some suggestions on the infopane of conversation

SuperMMX supermmx at
Mon Jun 25 03:12:38 EDT 2007

hi, guys, here are my thoughts on the infopane shown in the Pidgin converstion :

* The long one-line information should tooltipled the same as before to get
  the whole info.
* For IRC channels, I will never alias them, so the channel name shown again
  on the infopane will waste some space and feels not comfortable to see two
* For IMs, I prefer the protocol icon insdead of all the same green circle for
  different buddies of the same contact.
* The color of IRC channel topic should be different to the color of other 
  state-changed tabs.
* By right clicking on the infopane, tt is better to list available buddies 
  for current contact, instead of current conversation list, (which is the 
  same as right clicking the tabs).

A. Because it makes the logic of the discussion difficult to follow.
Q. Why shoudn't I top post?
A. No.
Q Should I top post?

A: Because it destroys the flow of the conversation
Q: Why is it bad?
A: No, it's bad.
Q: Should I top post in replies to mailing lists? 

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