Gaim automagically uninstalled?

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Tue May 8 12:55:40 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
>scott_sauyet spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> [ ... ]  Is there some magical uninstaller related to the lawsuit? 
> No, this is completely unreasonable to even suggest.  It's amazing
> what the Windows Mentality ("This is supposed to be completely broken,
> right?") has done to computing.

Well, I was thinking along the lines of an automatic updater, of which I've
written several in different languages, and which are not at all
unreasonable to suggest (perhaps to implement well...)  I thought maybe I
had a problem in the middle of an automatic update and only got the
uninstall done.

Now as to the Windows mentality which allows for an automatic updater that
doesn't even inform you of the updates, I certainly agree.  Unfortunately,
I've seen those too often.

> I'm going to suggest that whatever remote-controlled daemon you have
> installed on your computer which is spamming is probably messing up a
> lot of other things, as well.  Your computer needs some serious TLC,
> and you should seriously consider installing something responsible on
> it -- for which Windows does not qualify.  Start with some
> virus/trojan/spyware cleanup programs.

I posted an analysis of what went wrong elsewhere in this thread.  I'm still
in the cleaning up phase.  I think I got caught in the brief period between
when the trojan was released and when the Anti-virus software update was
ready to catch it.  I was infected the morning after the virus was first
reported.  My program did remove it, but there is still some residual
damage.  Damn, though, I wish I knew how it got in.  I don't use Outlook and
use IE only for testing browser compatibility; I always feel pretty safe
from malware, especially on a four week old machine!

Thanks for your response,

   -- Scott
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