bug hunting and 2.0.1

Luke Schierer lschiere at pidgin.im
Tue May 8 13:50:19 EDT 2007

Trac, as we have configured it, has a few states for tickets:
New, unassigned
New, Assigned,
Owned, Assigned
Closed, [assigned|unassigned]

Richard and I have been slowly but surely assigning milestones to
tickets.  I think some other developers have done so also.

Here's what I propose:  I'm assigning tickets based on who I think has
the best chance of being able to fix the bug, but I'm only considering a
bug owned, that is you intend to work on it and feel it assigned to you,
if you click that "accept" on it, changing it away from "New."

You can get a listing of bugs by milestone.  I propose our goal be to
have a 2.0.1 with as many bugs fixed as possible, starting with the ones
marked as that milestone.  If you do not think that the milestone
assignment is reasonable, change it to one that is.

After that, we can have a cycle where we break things, such as merging
in the new MSN code, but not necessarily limited to that.


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