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João Pinto lamego.pinto at
Mon May 14 12:27:47 EDT 2007

as you may check there as been an high demand of Pidgin 2.0.0 for Ubuntu:

I would appreciate if you could host or link the .deb install packages for
Ubuntu from the download link.

You can grab both 32 bits and 64 bits versions here:

Please note that both libpurple and piding are provided on a single .deb,
this is not the proper way to package according go the Debian/Ubuntu package
guidelines but it is far more easier for the users to install (when not
using a repository).
This should not be a problem on upgrades from official packages since we are
using ~getdeb as the version prefix which is identifed as "lower" and
upgradeable to the official packages.

Best regards,

João Pinto
GetDeb Package Builder
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