This is my new constructive idea.

Peter Lawler pidgin-devel at
Sat May 19 20:03:03 EDT 2007

Andrew Rodland wrote:
> Stop. Stop, stop, stop. Hurting. Open. Source.
What are you on, and why haven't you been charged with an indictable 
offense for possesion of it yet?

It's *our* Open Source. It belongs to the devs and cpw's. Open Source 
does NOT equal 'owned by every person on the planet'. You have the right 
to contribute, you have the right to demand we do every single user 
whim. The authors have the right to evaluate and make decisions. How 
about some respect here?

> Reopen, then close it as "fixed" when 
> you can honestly say you did. Or close it as "wontfix" to tell the world in 
> plain terms that you don't think you need to serve your users.

Go read ticket 414, like I'm sure you've already been told. I'd tell you 
to get a grip, but I can see you've already got a firm hold.

> Andrew
> --
> Not on list, not planning on being.
Feel free to send ill formed abuse anytime without constructively 
contributing, as we deeply appreciate that. In case you weren't aware, 
it really helps any Open Source project.<sarcasm/>


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