Pidgin WinGTK+ "distro" (Was: Re: win32 going away)

Gabriel Schulhof nix at
Tue May 22 02:35:17 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 17:23 -0500, Lee Roach wrote:
> I agree. From the early days of GTK on win32, things have gotten so much 
> better.

Let's also not forget that Pidgin provides an (IMHO) much better GTK+
distribution than any others I have seen (including Tor's). It even has
a shell script that "does it all for you", including downloading the
right stuff, putting it into the right places, and (in my experience)
successfully building Pidgin out of the cygwin box.

I have used Pidgin's (then Gaim's) GTK+ "distro" to not only build
another GTK+ application but also to design its Makefile system after
Pidgin's Makefile.mingw. Having a simple, self-extracting setup program
for end users, as well as a well-established and documented-by-example
(the example being Pidgin's Makefile.mingw) build system, is an enormous
benefit for anyone porting their GTK+ application to Win32.

I'd hate to see this great GTK+ "distro" go away just because Pidgin's
Win32 port is going away. Please do not assume that Pidgin is the only
app using the Pidgin Win32 GTK+ "distro".


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