no protocols in nullclient (MSVC)

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Fri May 25 14:14:44 EDT 2007

On 5/25/07, David Byron <dbyron at> wrote:
> I've looked a bit closer at nullclient.c but I can't see where I'm doing
> something wrong.
> When I run my MSVC-built nullclient, purple_plugins_get_protocols returns
> NULL.  This leads to an assert failure in purple_account_new:
> ** (testprpl.exe:5496): CRITICAL **: purple_account_new: assertion
> `protocol_id != NULL' failed
> If anyone has info on how to get debug info so that MSVC can use it as well
> as what's actually going on here with the protocols, it would be a big help.

I don't believe it is possible to do that without building libpurple with msvc.

I think the problem is probably that it isn't finding any of the protocols.

Do you have the various protocol dll in /path/to/libpurple.dll/plugins?


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