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Thu Nov 1 15:49:39 EDT 2007

Hello there!

I work with an application that uses libpurple as IM infrastructure with 
an interface uses WTL.

One of my last tasks was to add custom emoticon functionality to it, and 
this implementation counts with an per session cache of the custom 
emoticons received so they don't need to be downloaded everytime the 
contact send's it to an user.

Now our customer want's us to make a definitive cache for these custom 
emoticons, but I've noticed that this will be made available on future 
versions of the API.

Considering that this could take a little longer to happen I agree with 
our customer that is desirable to make this now, but a point that I 
would like to discuss with you guys is about the interfaces involved on 
custom emoticon handling that are: "custom_smiley_add", 
"custom_smiley_write" and "custom_smiley_close".

To create a fully operational cache outside the libpurple API I see just 
one imediate problem: the signature of "custom_smiley_add" method must 
receive the same parameters informed on method 
"purple_conv_custom_smiley_add". This is needed because without the 
checksum is impossible to assure that the custom emoticon X received 
from a contact is the same that is already stored locally.

Another possibility would be create conditions to plug an cache 
implementation for custom emoticons that work outside the API or that 
could be developed by someone to be joined to the API. Implementing a 
set of interfaces to this custom emoticon cache and adding the handling 
of them inside the conversation API.
Unfortunately I think this will demand much effort and won't be as fast 
as I need.

Anyway, is there a possibility of "custom_smiley_add" have it's 
signature changed to have all the other parameters passed to 
"purple_conv_custom_smiley_add" on next version of Pidgin/libpurple ?

Best regards,

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