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Eric Richie edr1084 at
Thu Nov 15 10:37:45 EST 2007

On 11/15/07, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
> Look closely at Farsight, as we have long been planning to to base our
> implementation on farsight, and it is successfully in use by other
> FOSS messaging products.  I believe it does not currently have working
> support for MSN (you mentioned aMSN earlier, I assume it is of
> interest to you), but consider fixing this rather than reimplementing.

As Ethan said, Farsight's MSN plugin currently exists but according to their
wiki page (yes, most of the links are
broken and most pages don't exist, there isn't actually anything wrong on
your end...) it needs to be ported to their new API.  This could be a
perfect starting point if that's the direction you're looking to take as it
would benefit more than just libpurple.

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