Video/audio support

Hylke Bons hbons at
Thu Nov 15 17:05:53 EST 2007

Carlos Eduardo Medaglia Dyonisio spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> These rules sound good. I'm not really good with UI, so I'll probably work
>> mostly on libpurple. Hopefully someone will be interested in working on
>> pidgin. If not, the Adium people will be happy to have audio/video support
>> on libpurple.
> You will certainly have to keep UI in mind when developing the API, so
> as to be sure of creating a UI which is naturally usable in a client.
> Designing APIs in a vacuum tends to produce baroque APIs.  This is not
> to say that you must write a UI, but that you should think about what
> the UI is going to need to know to do its task, and make sure that
> information is available, etc.
Sean and I did some mockups once, I'm sure he still has them. I can make 
some new ones if you like.
Good luck! :)


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