Can't pull with Monotone:Help, please....

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Sep 11 10:22:38 EDT 2007

Tw at in 28 spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Ethan Blanton-3 wrote:
> > Just wait, it should move on.  The server might have been choking at
> > the particular time that you tried it -- it's rather overloaded (as
> > you can tell when using monotone and trac).  If you're just trying out
> > a patch, you might want to simply apply it to a release version.
> I'm trying another pull now....still nothing, but I'll try waiting a bit and
> for patching a release, I'm a little doubtful, 'cause the patch
> topic specifies the need of a MSNP14 branch snapshot....
> What if none of above suggestions works?

Assuming you downloaded the monotone database (as instructed in
UsingPidginMonotone) recently, it should be relatively up-to-date
already, and you may not need to pull anything.  (This is, indeed, a
better solution, as it does not chew up limited resources required for
those doing actual work.)

If your monotone continues to not pull, I suspect a local network
problem; make sure you're allowed to connect out on port 4691.


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