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Quick Strike quickx at
Fri Sep 14 20:23:26 EDT 2007

I recently moved to Pidgin.  I have several accounts, but most of these accounts are separate (Work buddies use AIM, personal use MSN, game buddies use MSN).
I use to have just all open in separate clients, but I like how Pidgin has them all open in 1 program.
The only thing is I do not want my Contact Lists Merged together: I would like them separated.  Is there a fast way to "sort buddies by protocol" or "sort buddies by account"
So all my msn(Codster) go under one group, all my msn(baltha) goes to another group, and all my aim(work) goes in another group... so I can keep the contacts separated still... but they all are in one program.
Or just have separate windows for each account (still same program though).
Invite your mail contacts to join your friends list with Windows Live Spaces. It's easy!
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