why UDP6 when I use SIMPLE protocol to login SIP proxy?

CHEN XUEQIN chenxq at star-net.cn
Sat Sep 22 13:29:42 EDT 2007

Hello all:

I want to test SIP based IM and Presence. I setup openser (1.2.1) as SIP
proxy. Then I configure a SIMPLE account in pidgin, including screen
name/server/password/local alias/check publish status/check use UDP. My
problem is:

    * Pidgin can register to openser, but the AOR of pigdin SIMPLE
      account is incorrect. The AOR IP address is IP address of openser
      server which was wrong. It should be IP address of pidgin client.
    * In CLI, run "netstat -aup | grep pidgin"

udp6 0 0 *:sip *:* 19821/pidgin
udp6 0 0 *:sip *:* 19821/pidgin
Why pidgin only listen on udp6 5060 port. I think it should listen on
ipv4 port 5060 .

    * When I quit pidgin, it seemed that no unregister SIP message was
      sent to SIP proxy. The AOR in SIP proxy still remain. Why?

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Chen Xueqin
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