MSNP* in official release

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Tue Apr 29 09:23:53 EDT 2008


Felipe Contreras schrieb:
> Working with msn-pecan I found an issue not appearing before in
> libpurple; what if there is more than one prpl for the same protocol?
That would be cool, if it is supported on all levels.

> Let's say that you ship both msnp9 and msnp14 in your next release.
> Both can appear in the menu list for adding a new account and you
> could switch back from one to another, or even have then running at
> the same time.
> This is not theoretical; it works. The only problem is that the smiley
> themes use the prpl name for identification. Instead, a protocol field
> could be added and then that would be used by the smiley theme
> instead.
Well, there exist other problems too. I tried out msn-pecan and I ended 
doubling all of my msn buddies. (I guess msn-pecan retrieved them from 
the server-side list).

I had to manually group every msn buddy with the corresponding msn-pecan 

> Therefore I suggest decoupling the plugin name to the protocol it's supporting.


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