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MonoApe monoape at
Wed Apr 30 19:52:28 EDT 2008

Gary Kramlich wrote: 
> The users contribute?

That explains part of the problem.  Yes, users contribute.  Not always with lines of code, but they contribute ideas, bug reports, encouragement, criticism and a sounding board for design decisions.  

> If Pidgin we would be making money off of it, which it would then most likely be our primary source of income.

So, you're saying that if you were drawing income from Pidgin, you'd listen to the community?  As you're not, you're entitled to say 'fuck you'?  Do you think this attitude increases or decreases the likelihood of future financial success?

> listen to your own advice and try to be rational.

No idea what you're referring to.

> Why should we listen to you when you're looking down your nose at us, contradicting the very things you're calling us out on.

Again, no idea what you mean here.  I've called out a design decision and subsequent reaction by devs that many people have been very unhappy with.  There's no contradiction on my part or 'looking down my nose' (whatever that means in this context).

> ...shame on you for making me waste the little time I have responding to this email 

No one forced you to do anything.  You could've ignored me, just as the passionate pleas for a UI rollback have been ignored....

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