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Kevin Stange kstange at
Mon Feb 11 23:00:45 EST 2008

Eric Relson wrote:
>> You're probably right, though I've seen no complaints about it in 2.3.x
>> where it already exists. Better ideas for the wording of the preference
>> are welcome :)
>> Regards,
>> Stu.
> Looking at the preferences myself (though I'm stuck on a machine with 
> 2.0.1), it seems to me it would fit well under the logging tab. Maybe 
> "Delay closing log files after closing conversation/chat"... There's 
> options already for logging chats and instant messages separately, so 
> maybe make it two distinct options, one for each. (and greyed out if 
> said logging is disabled)

It's not a logging option though.  The PurpleConversation (and 
PidginConversation?) itself is retained in memory.  When the window is 
reopened, the backlog will be restored to the window, regardless of 
whether logging is enabled.


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