Fwd: Re: request modification to configure.ac

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Fri Feb 29 18:32:17 EST 2008

Bill Fassler spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Sorry for the delay.  I've included both pre and post versions of
> config.log.  As you can see, configure.ac simply will not build finch
> without my mod.
> Of course, pretty much all of you are much better with GNU
> automake/autoconf than I.  I never used a Linux box or open source
> anything until about 8 months ago. So perhaps there is a more
> appropriate way of making a mod that satisfies all user, including
> embedded cross-compilers...

Try not changing the order, and simply adding the argument [-lncurses]
to the panel check.  That is:

AC_CHECK_LIB(panel, update_panels, [GNT_LIBS="$GNT_LIBS -lpanel"],
             [enable_consoleui=no], [-lncurses])

(This is what I suggested the last time this came around, I believe.
 Did it not work?  If not, what is the error?)


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