Bounty for voice/video support in Pidgin

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at
Sun Jul 27 19:59:21 EDT 2008

On Jul 27, 2008, at 21:06, Dipankar Sarkar wrote:

> If you check the wikipedia article on Instant messengers
> Windows live leads by a huge margin over day AIM,YIM etc ....
> Windows live - 294 million active worldwide
> Jabber - 90 million total
> AIM - >100 million total
> QQ - 783 million total accounts "active"

If you want real statistics instead of marketing numbers, take a look  

Of course, this is a based on a Mac app, and Macs don't have MSN  
Messenger preinstalled (instead, an AIM/XMPP-only IM app is  
preinstalled). However, those MSN Messenger folks also won't use  
pidgin, so they aren't really that important.

I'd vote for XMPP first for the sole reason that there's a spec for  
voice/video chat. If communication with another client doesn't work,  
you can compare to the spec (and blame the other app's author when  
appropriate). When that one works, the codebase is known to work and  
reverse engineering efforts can add other protocols as well.


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