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Thu Jun 12 16:04:55 EDT 2008

* nuclearpidgeon <stewart.james.webb at> wrote:

> I recently came up with an idea - why not intergrate Mozilla
> Thunderbird's addressbook with Pidgin? For example, there would be a
> Pidgin column which would contain a grey icon for not on pidgin, a
> green one for online etc. 

That would be trivial if moz stuff had a sane storage/access mechanism 
for those data. Several month ago I tried to rewrite it to get thinks 
like bookmarks directly from filesystem (one file per record), so I
can let an 9P server do all the dirty work, but moz's code structure 
isn't actually good for development ;-o

> I know a bit about dbus, and it seems like the perfect solution - 
> for linux. 

I wouldn't ever consider bloat like that. Just use 9P ;-P

> AFAIK dbus wouldn't work on windows - i've heard of a dbus
> windows project, but that's in alpha so no luck there. 

9P is platform agnostic. You could port my libmixp(|srv) to 
win32 - shouldnt be such a deal.

> I first want to know if this would be possible, and secondly I want 
> to know - would it be RLY hard? Could someone like me, with 
> intermediate VB and HTML knowledge learn how to implement dbus 
> (or other method for windows perhaps) into a thunderbird extention?

I'd like to offer you a deal: I'll train you on C + 9P, and you'll
try to take as possible of the dirty work.

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