Lisp bindings for Libpurple

Will Thompson will at
Sun Jun 29 16:55:36 EDT 2008

Evan Driscoll wrote:
> I'm considering writing a program which will have an IM component, and 
> libpurple seems like a reasonable choice given the multi-protocol 
> support. However, I plan on working in either Common Lisp or Scheme 
> (currently undecided which), which means that I would need to use the 
> appropriate foreign-function interface to make Lisp bindings for libpurple.
If D-Bus bindings already exist for your favourite flavour of Lisp, you 
might like to try using the Telepathy framework 
<> for your program's IM component. I 
suspect that using a D-Bus API from Lisp would get you up and running 
faster than writing a language binding for libpurple.


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