Encoding bug in Windows version (ICQ)

Jens Franik jens_ at gmx.de
Tue Mar 11 11:23:17 EDT 2008

Guten Tag Frank Lanitz,

am Montag, 10. März 2008 um 21:02 schrieben Sie:

>> As a workaround, you can simply downgrade your GTK+ runtime to the
>> older 2.12.1 rev. B, which is available on the sourceforge download
>> site.

> This doesn't solve the issue in genereal. I migrated complete back to
> 2.3.1 (including GTK) and this issue still occurred from time to time.
> I'm still investigating on why. 

For me it worked, but i didn't find where Pidgin installed the GTK, so
i couldn't remove it - maybe the new installed is only in front at the
PATH Variable, but i am not happy with that.

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Jens Franik
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