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Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Sat Mar 22 22:56:54 EDT 2008

* John Bailey had this to say on [22 Mar 2008, 18:57:14 -0400]:
> casey at wrote:
> I think a reasonable set of expectations for the SoC project would be:
>  - Functional buddy list with status icos (preferably the same icons as Pidgin uses)
>  - IM and chat conversations with a similar interface to Pidgin.  Tabbed windows
> would be great, but I think that shouldn't necessarily be a hard requirement.
>  - Preferences window at least comparable to Finch.
>  - Working sound notifications.  Much of this code can probably be borrowed from
> WinPidgin and tweaked as appropriate.
> Anyone else have additional thoughts?

That's a really nice and precise list of tasks. I think in addition to
these, some ui for the notify and request systems would be necessary,
since that's the only way core plugins and prpls can interact with the

> John


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