New Sound Event

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Mon Mar 24 01:57:45 EDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 21:08 -0600, Damian Eads wrote:
> I guess I glossed over that one because I didn't know what it meant.
> What is the condition for a message being considered a new
> conversation? When an IM conversation tab doesn't already exist for a
> friend or after a certain time has elapsed with no messages from a
> friend? If it's a time out, how much time?

Historically it meant when an IM conversation tab doesn't exist, the
"new conversation" sound would be played for the IM that causes the
conversation tab to get created.

I've unfortunately been a bit too busy lately to follow development
closely (bad excuse, I know), but there is a persistent conversation
feature which may or may not have made it into a recent release which
could change this behavior to a certain time elapsed since no messages
were passed either way in a conversation.

Back to your original proposal, this could be done as a plugin, but I'm
not sure you're gonna find someone to write it for you. ;-)


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