Sending files in Pidgin...

Stin smox2k at
Sun May 4 20:15:44 EDT 2008

I like how you blame other people for the lack of stability in the application
:) LOL!!!

Please bear in mind that I am a user in this context, NOT a developer...
Different programming outlook - I can't invade someone else's code as I don't
have the same idea in mind... How do I know if you guys would code it the same
as I would, it's not very likely, is it?

What language is Pidgin written in anyway, it looks like a Linux app running on
my Windoze desktop! :)

I'm used to coding and testing a program all by myself, until it's done...
Completely finished. It only takes a few months for a lot of the stuff.

As regards to my question, you don't know then??

Has anyone else had issues transferring files, or is it just me and my friend??

Again, neither of us are C/C++/C#/Perl/Python developers, my friend even less

Also, how can I contribute to the Wiki if I don't know anything about the

I've always been sceptical of modern coders since OOP come around.

* Looking for wisdom. Finding stubbornness *

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