adding one feature to ping on line users when I log in

Mayank Jain Nawal mayank at
Mon May 5 00:18:32 EDT 2008

On Thursday 01 May 2008 11:25:42 pm Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Thu, May 01, 2008 at 11:14:11PM +0530, Mayank Jain Nawal wrote:
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> > Dear Etan,
> >
> > Thanks for your suggestions. We can introduce some amount of delay before
> > sending message to every user(this can be helpful for users having poor
> > network connection).
> That's not going to help with the issue at all. I wasn't assuming the poor
> connection meant the user would connect and then immediately disconnect. I
> was assuming the poor connection meant that during the course of a day the
> user would disconnect and reconnect a handful of times. With this plugin
> each reconnect would trigger a new batch of automated messages. That would
> quickly get tiresome. (Especially if you aren't even at the computer when
> that happens.)
There can possible be one click able button which can be used for doing such 
job, lets not allow pidgin to do things automatically on log in.   

Pidgin don't allow me to send message to multiple people in one go. I want to 
send same message to a list of people. Like wishing Good Morning. For doing 
things like this, currently I have to send messages to everyone one at a time 
and have to type again and again. Is there any other way out to solve this 

-Mayank Jain

> > For your second concern about alias one have to take care of before using
> > such plugin. There must be a warning message like be careful about your
> > alias name. Can any one comment on this issue?
> You certainly could put up warnings, but people are really good at not
> reading, not understanding, and not thinking about warnings. I just think
> you are setting people up for errors and annoying their friends. I also
> really don't see what the point of such a plugin would be. Why would you
> want to automatically greet everyone in your buddy list every day, greet
> people when you need to actually talk to them.
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> >--- Regards
> > Mayank Jain Nawal
> The pidgininc.c plugin in the pidgin/plugins/ directory of the source does
> something rather close to this as one of its *fantastic* *magical*
> features. I'd forgotten about it since we don't build it by default.
>     -Etan

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