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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Nov 29 07:38:03 EST 2008

Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
>> Allow blank resources on XMPP when creating/modifying accounts.  This works
>> perfectly with both ejabberd and Google Talk.  Other servers should be OK too.
> The xmpp server that dreamhost uses for xmpp hosting rejects empty
> resource with 406: Not Acceptable. I don't know how widely use that is,
> or which implementation they are using. When signing on I also don't get
> the stanza that says bind is supported (actually, I received no
> "feature" stanza from it at all).
> I am not going to disapprove it because I don't really know much beyond
> what I just said, but some one may want to look into this.
> -khc

Before this change, it wasn't possible to create an account or modify an
existing one to be without a resource; this prevented the earlier patch I
committed from working in such a case.  Instead of just undoing this revision,
I'd prefer to see us set a default resource when bind isn't listed in the
feature stanza and the specified resource is empty.


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