pidgin: f852e4b1: Allow blank resources on XMPP when creat...

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Sat Nov 29 12:30:32 EST 2008

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 07:38:03AM -0500, John Bailey wrote:
> Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
> >> Allow blank resources on XMPP when creating/modifying accounts.  This works
> >> perfectly with both ejabberd and Google Talk.  Other servers should be OK too.
> >
> > The xmpp server that dreamhost uses for xmpp hosting rejects empty
> > resource with 406: Not Acceptable. I don't know how widely use that is,
> > or which implementation they are using. When signing on I also don't get
> > the stanza that says bind is supported (actually, I received no
> > "feature" stanza from it at all).
> >
> > I am not going to disapprove it because I don't really know much beyond
> > what I just said, but some one may want to look into this.
> >
> > -khc
> Before this change, it wasn't possible to create an account or modify an
> existing one to be without a resource; this prevented the earlier patch I
> committed from working in such a case.  Instead of just undoing this revision,
> I'd prefer to see us set a default resource when bind isn't listed in the
> feature stanza and the specified resource is empty.
> John

I added a comment to the ticket before seeing this thread. So I'll say it
here as well.

The dreamhost server doesn't seem to support SASL auth, and as such is at
the very least rather old (and the auth error stanza reported in the
ticket does not conform to the latest version of the non-sasl xep, though
that xep is also retracted since non-sasl auth is deprecated at this

As such I'm not sure we should be too concerned about it, but since we
should be able to rather easily work around this problem I think we should
do so. We should check for the existance of the resource binding stream
feature and force a default resource when the feature is missing and a
resource was not provided.

As a first pass it may just be easy enough to always force a default
resource when pidgin has to fall back to using non-SASL auth.


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