Channeling user's attention and funds to help us implement A/V for Pidgin & Adium

Abdullah Bakhach abakhach at
Fri Oct 17 14:51:02 EDT 2008

Ok folks I just created a
subproject<>for this..
please continue your discussion on its forum since I'm sure
others would like to add their 2 cents..

Also please make comments on the projects on FOSS Factory, especially as it
pertains to how to implement this and how we can liaise between projects
etc.. b/c the way it's going now is that there are a lot of private
conversations and many people are left in the dark.

This thing is coming along well I'm really excited!


On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Richard Laager <rlaager at> wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 11:56 -0400, Eric Richie wrote:
> > I think my biggest concern would be that users might view it as an
> > 'ad'.  It is, but also isn't.  I just think it could be a tricky
> > situation.  I know that with Adium we've promised our users that we
> > will never become adware and I wouldn't want to give the impression
> > that we are somehow going down that route.  That isn't to say that I
> > disagree with the idea though.  I just feel that implementation could
> > be tricky.
> Here's a start of what the message might say:
> "<name> is trying to establish a <voice/video> connection. <ui> does not
> currently support voice or video communication, but these features are
> being developed. To donate, contribute code, or learn more about this
> effort, please visit: PURPLE_WEBSITE/vv"
> name = contact name
> voice/video = voice or video, as appropriate to the context
> ui = Pidgin, Finch, Adium, etc.
> PURPLE_WEBSITE is defined in libpurple/internal.h
> That page would provide whatever information was relevant to the -vv
> project, along with a donation link to (if we decide to
> go that route).
> Even if we don't want to solicit donations, we really should be telling
> the user *something*, so they know their contact is trying to establish
> a voice/video connection. (Note: I'm relying on what was said in the
> email. I haven't tested this myself to see if we display an error
> message or not.)
> > P.S. Shouldn't the expected behavior be that the capabilities are
> > checked before the attempt is even made and if the client doesn't
> > support audio/video/foo it won't even try?
> That would make sense. The official clients may not make sense. I don't
> really know.
> Richard

Abdullah Bakhach
FOSS Factory
President & co-founder
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