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On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 2:53 PM, OSMIUM <osmium at> wrote:

> Mike Jones ha scritto:
>> >I have an AcerAspireOne laptop that uses <>
>> lite.
>> >It includes an IM application that uses the webcam and it uses libpurple.
>> Hi James,
>> Your right, that's entirely possible. I think that what is taking the
>> Pidgin dev's such development effort to get voice and video in pidgin itself
>> is a little more complex than you might think.
>> Because the way Pidgin works is through protocol plugins (prpl's), an
>> individual plugin could easily support its own voice and video
>> functionality. I know of quite a few that do, from being a participant in
>> this list. I think that Felipe's msn pecan plugin supports it's own voice
>> and video system.
>> But the developers who work very extensively on pidgin feel that
>> implimenting voice and video on a plugin by plugin basis is not what they
>> want. they want to have a single unified voice and video interface for ALL
>> of the protocols. Write it once, use it forever, so to speak and that is a
>> little... harder than doing voice and video on the protocol level,just
>> because of the basic differences between all of them.
>> Maybe you could take a look at the effort being made on the voice and
>> video support on pidgin and see if the development (not stable, prone to
>> crashing, and not the developers liability if it breaks stuff) branch for it
>> is working well enough for you to use it so far. if you like, you can help
>> the folks working on it by reporting problems and testing and such.
>> And keep in mind that im just a minor participant. I could be Completely
>> wrong on some of the things i said. Other folks will be able to give you a
>> better reply.
>> -Mike
>>  Well, we don't think immediately to the power of Pidgin, its being
> multiprotocol. Surely programming a plug-in for all it's more, more
> difficult than one working for MSN only. But in the meanwhile you create
> this "über-plug-in" is it possible to insert a plug-in working for MSN only?
> So I can stop using MSN and use Pidgin only also on my PC running Winzozz
> (in Italian "zozzo" means in slang "dirty"). It's ready, as I red, you don't
> need to write it. When the "über-plug-in" will be finished it will
> substitute the "MSN-working-only" one.

Hi OSMIUM. Sorry if thats not your name, i cant find it in the message.

to the other folks on this list, sorry about the mistake i made on the reply
including everything from the last message. Im still getting used to my
email client, and i didnt see that it had copied the whole message.

OSMIUM, I believe that what your asking is: is it possible to have a plugin
that uses the MSN protocol to be used on Pidgin that supports voice and
video for just MSN, while we wait for the main "uber-plugin" you called it
that lets plugins all use the same voice and video stuff, to be developed?

    Yes, that is 100% possible. I think that there are already several MSN
libpurple plugins that support this. As I said in my last message, i think
that msn-pecan supports this, but i do not know first hand.
    What you might want to do is disable your default MSN plugin, and
instead use an MSN protocol plugin that has the features you want. If the
features that it wants are voice and video support, that means that the
features you want will ONLY work for msn, unless you have a seperate plugin
for a different messaging protocol that supports the same set of features,
in this case voice and video.

    I hope that answers your question, let me know if it doesnt.

    btw -- use Linux, it works better, in my opinion :-D

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