pidgin: 5316525f: 2008.09.11 - csyfek <csyfek(at)

SHiNE csyfek at
Mon Sep 15 11:47:26 EDT 2008

> I'm not sure exactly what you mean here.
> Committing really has no dependency on the server at all, it is only
> when you push your changes that the server comes into the picture.

sorry, i means push here. s\commit\push\

> doesn't respond to pings, so that part is "normal"
> I haven't experienced this type of network problems, so I can only
> guess that it is something on your end.

yes, because you are not in China and maybe not hear of the
GreateFirewall of China...

> This is good progress :)
> Is your intent to continue the current process replacing the entire qq
> directory in this branch with an updated version or are you planning
> to make incremental changed in the branch?
make incremental changes frequently... and i hope i don't make errors
to the pidgin trunk.

Good night.


 First the truth, then the freedom!

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