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Wed Sep 17 22:16:45 EDT 2008

yes, i have the same problem,i want to use nullclient with xmpp protocol, thanks to khc help me many times, but i still dont know how to set the uiops. meybe my programming skill is to bad.


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2008/9/17     <squeak at poczta.onet.pl >:
>  I  mean  it  doesn't  work,  i  have  no  errors  or  warnings,  it  doesn't  connect
>  (sorry  but  i'am  not  so  good  in  english)

You  need  to  set  up  the  various  uiops  and  libpurple  initializations
correctly  (as  is  done  in  the  nullclient  example  I  pointed  you  to

If  this  is  on  Windows,  you  will  need  to  use  the  appropriate  overridden
giochannel  implementation  (as  is  done  in  pidgin  in  the  gtkeventloop.c

If  you've  done  all  this,  you'll  need  to  provide  more  information  about
what  you're  doing  because  you  haven't  provided  nearly  enough


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