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Hello Markos,

This sounds to be a good idea. You just need to design a SMS-PDU.
At the same time you can also avail other WAP services (v-card, v-cal, push
messages, smart messages etc).

You can also extend this application for sending SMS in bulk by implementing
SMPP ( Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol ) protocol and linking
application to ESME (external short message entity)...need to check if
pidgin will avail this facility...then each user can have an account with
pidgin and they can buy a credit for sending sms in bulk. In this case user
will not require a mobile.

Have you decided about software language, tool etc?
will your application support on linux/MAC OS as well...though not sure
about AT commands...does they work with Linux/MAC?

I have worked on similar application, so let me know if i can be of any help
to you.


2009/4/3 markos calderon <mcmarkos86 at>

> HI, i'm marco calderon this is my proposal for the idea a plugin for send
> sms messages using the cell phones. please send me any feedback
> The majority of the people spent a lot of time using their PCs, and it will
> be very useful provide a plugin in pidgin for communicate with their friends
> that are in their cell’s phonebook, to achieve this goal, text messages can
> be sent using a phone.   I will add the following features: 1.      Implement
> the protocol for sending SMS 2.      Build an interface for add a cell
> account. 3.      Once establish the protocol: sending messages and receive
> responses will not have so many problems.   My working plan describe in
> more details for working in this project is described in the following
> schema: ·        Establish the connection between the cell phone and the
> computer: In this part the connection can be USB or Bluetooth, the majority
> of the cell phones have this in common. ·        Develop functions for SMS
> Messages using AT commands (Send request and receive responses), work with
> binaries format. ·        Build the interface for the plugin’s
> configuration where the user set its configuration details. ·        Build
> an interface for add the cell account in pidgin. ·        Handle
> exceptions and error messages. ·        Documentation   For my research
> finding the best library, I think that the best for manage the SMS plugin is
> KMobileTools, this library have a good support and have good
> recommendations.
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