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Antony FM antonyfm at
Thu Apr 2 23:37:08 EDT 2009

I wanted to apply for GSoC 2009. Wasnt sure what was the procedure, so
thought I'll mail the list.
My project would be to implement Retroshare protocol into Pidgin

retroshare is a secure decentralised communication platform that supports
chat and file sharing between friends securely.

The timeline proposed:
1-2weeks: Understanding retroshare protocol
2-3weeks: Understanding libpurple
2-3weeks: Development of Retroshare with Pidgin
2-3weeks: Testing of pidgin

My experience is mainly into embedded domain.
I've worked with remote protocol implementation in VxWorks like SSH and also
Board Support Packages and SDHC devices.
I've experience with Matlab and Image Processing too.

Though not the exact profile for the job, I've had industry experience and
know the importance of timely delivery.
I've also looked into developing plug-ins for Pidgin before.

Please let me know in case of any clarifications.

Antony Maliakal
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