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Tue Apr 28 19:38:44 EDT 2009

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On Apr 28, 2009, at 15:11 EDT, John Bailey wrote:

> I noticed on Adium's Trac that they have a report to show the top 10  
> tickets by
> votes (they're also using the voting system plugin).  I was thinking  
> this might
> be useful to see since there appears not to be a reasonable way to  
> collect
> statistics about the voting with ticket queries or the  
> [[TicketQuery()]] macro.
> As a result, I went to go add a report and couldn't find a way to do  
> so.  I
> then looked at trac.ini to see what was going on and discovered that  
> reports are
> completely disabled.
> I remember someone saying back in the 0.10 days that Trac reports  
> are going away
> and we should be using the ticket query system instead, but I'm  
> wondering if
> this was the only justification for turning them off?  It seems to  
> me that

That was in fact our reasoning.

> they'd be much more useful than having to bookmark pages resulting  
> from the
> ticket query system or making a ton of wiki pages with nothing but
> [[TicketQuery(foo)]] on them.  Reports are also still present in the
> in-development Trac 0.12, and I don't see a reason for them to go  
> away any time
> soon.  There is also the advantage that reports update immediately  
> to reflect
> changes in tickets instead of just italicizing changed tickets in  
> ticket query
> results (which irritates me to no end).
> So, obviously I'd like to turn reports back on soonish (preferably  
> this week
> while I'm still on vacation to have time to create reports and tweak  
> them to be
> useful to myself and others who want to look at tickets).  Any  
> objections?
> John

I do not object.  But really, this decision is up to you all who  
actually interact with trac still.  I'm an obsolete relic ;-)


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