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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Apr 30 11:02:04 EDT 2009

Luke Schierer wrote:
> On Apr 28, 2009, at 15:11 EDT, John Bailey wrote:
>> I remember someone saying back in the 0.10 days that Trac reports are
>> going away
>> and we should be using the ticket query system instead, but I'm
>> wondering if
>> this was the only justification for turning them off?  It seems to me
>> that
> That was in fact our reasoning.
> I do not object.  But really, this decision is up to you all who
> actually interact with trac still.  I'm an obsolete relic ;-)

I have enabled the reports.  I added /report to the list of disallowed paths in
robots.txt to prevent indexing.  I also changed the permissions a bit so that
only authenticated users can view reports (probably a bit overkill, considering
the robots.txt bit--I can change this back if desired) and only CPW's and
developers can view the underlying SQL.  Developers can edit, delete, and create


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