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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Aug 3 23:28:05 EDT 2009

Stu Tomlinson wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 23:33, John Bailey<rekkanoryo at> wrote:
>> Idea #1 - Make it easier to tell who are developers in #pidgin
> I'm not really in favour of this, I really do like the Freenode
> guidelines about this.
> I'd probably stop identifying to NickServ if this was implemented.

I don't want anyone to quit identifying to services over something this simple.
 I guess it's safe to say this is dead.

>> Idea #2 - Make it easier to tell who are developers on trac
>> The other idea I had is to find out if it's possible to either modify the
>> trac template or make a plugin that would somehow label developers and CPW's
>> on their comments.  For example, if I comment on a ticket, show "rekkanoryo
>> (Developer)," or if Masca comments on a ticket, show "salinasv (Crazy Patch
>> Writer)" or "(Senior Contributor)" or similar. This would obviously need to
>> be keyed off the "developer" and "cpw" groups in trac, and might even make a
>> good argument for making a "ticket triager" group in the future if we ever
>> have a dedicated ticket team.
> This might actually be useful. Taking it a step further I'd like to
> see something along the lines of what gnome have managed in their
> bugzilla with bug reporters/developers/etc getting a "points" score.
> but I realise this
> is probably asking a bit much :)

I will see if I can figure out how to modify the trac site.html template to
affect such a labeling change.  No promises, though. :)

Doing a points would undoubtedly require an extra plugin with schema extensions
in the database.  I'm not sure it's worth the effort required to write it, but
if someone wants to, we can certainly try it.  The only thing I'd be wary about
is allowing users to assign points.  We've seen in the past where "solutions"
that aren't really the right way to do things have been put forth, but just
happen to work (for example, removing .purple when making simple account
modifications or using 'pidgin -n' can solve or help solve a problem).  In this
case, points shouldn't be awarded, so I'd definitely want a way, as a trac
administrator, to revoke points granted to a given commenter on a ticket.

> I wonder why I have different opinions on these two ideas. Am I weird?

Yes, but not because of this ;)

In all seriousness, I acknowledge that there are disadvantages to the
auto-op/auto-voice idea.  But labeling developers/cpw's as such in trac doesn't
hurt anything, doesn't go against any network guidelines, and actually gains us
something tangible--a user seeing our comments on a ticket will know that
someone involved in the project has actually touched the ticket and given it


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