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Tue Aug 25 14:07:00 EDT 2009

Hi- I recently upgraded to pidgin 2.6.1 (very excited about the infant vv
support by the way), and have hit a small problem with the colours of

I have a dark theme, which uses a light to medium grey for its main
background colour- this is a comprimise I made such that both very pale
(white and near-white) text and black text were easily readable, and it's
gone fine in ever situation except one (part of pidgin), that I can find.
When I have text selected, such as in a treeview, the background is
near-black, and the text is near-white (this is an important detail later.

Always with pidgin, the grey used for "so and soさんが何か入力しています"** was of a
colour that I could not read on this background.  That didn't really bother
me much, but I was very pleased to see that I'd be able to change this
colour in the latest pidgin, and I have done so.

However, having upgraded, I saw that the status text in the buddy list was
now written in that infernal colour, too.  I discovered the theme editor,
and changed the "ステータス文"* colour to my preferred one.  I'm not really sure
what the theme editor is supposed to do, though, or whether this amounts to
a bug report, but the change disappears after restarting pidgin.  Not that
I'm particularly bothered by that, as there's another issue with the theme
editor- as soon as I press "Edit Buddylist Theme", the text in the treeview
will become resolutely black, when selected (so the background is near-black
and the text is black in this case).

I'm not sure if any of those behaviours are unexpected (though the black
text probably is), or if I'm just fundamentally misunderstanding something-
after all, the ability to change the text about someone writing is in a
different plugin altogether- maybe the theme editor is just not what I think
it is?

At any rate, if I might ask for it, I would settle just for knowing if (and
how) I can change the status text using ~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0.

Thanks very much.

* The only translated string in the interface for the Buddylist theme
editor, funnily enough!
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