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Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Aug 28 11:51:32 EDT 2009

Hmm, yeah, maybe.  I guess we kind of want to mention a few specific plugins
(although maybe not MXit anymore, if they'll be helping answer questions),
but we also want to be open ended about other 3rd party plugins.  There was
also a little concern that mentioning specific plugins by name seemed harsh.

Maybe we can try the current string and see what happens?  Especially since
I already announced the string freeze (aint't that convenient :-P )


On Aug 28, 2009 1:48 AM, "Kevin Stange" <kstange at> wrote:

markdoliner at wrote: >
----------------------------------------------------------------- > R...
> -                             " we do <U><I><B>not</B></I></U> support
MXit, Facebook, Skype,"
> +                     "We can't help with 3rd party protocols or

This might increase the chance someone will read this message
completely, but I think it will decrease the chance people will
understand it.  I believe MXit distributes a copy of Pidgin that bundles
MXit, so to those users, the plugin does not seem to be "third-party."
Others will install distribution packages for protocol plugins like
Facebook and not realize it's not part of Pidgin.  I think being
explicit for these three, which generate the most support traffic by
far, is appropriate.


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