Hello, Pidgin- a new comer's self introduce- My specific question

suheaven suheaven at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 20:45:50 EST 2009

Hi everyone;

Here is my speccific question.

I'm looking for guide on developing protocol plugin. Beside the source codes under /libpurple/protocols, are there other documents, instructions or web pages on how to develop protocol plugin? I'm interested in the suject "A Protocol Plugin Which Sends SMS Message via Your Cell Phone".


2009/2/19 suheaven <suheaven at gmail.com>

Hi, everybody in Pidgin:

I'm Heaven, a graduate student from China. I'm attracted by pidgin's universal protocol IM and have paid attention to Pidgin's source code and the group for quite a few weeks. 

I'm planning to apply for one of your Gsoc program this year. So I wrote the mail to introduce myself to Pidgin and willing to get more information about Pidgin, your program and some help about applying your Gsoc program.

As a user of MSN, QQ, and Yahoo!., I want to get rid of so many windows of different IM at the same time enjoying their service. Pidgin IM can really bring me that kind of convenience. So I think your program is interesting, meaningful and can bring me both additional program experience and the opportunity to communicate with peoples from different countries.

Waiting for your reply.


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