unable to set account status

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at hxbc.us
Thu Feb 26 01:12:44 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 10:45 +0530, Nagesh wrote:
> Hi Ka-Hing Cheung,
> Thanks for you reply.
> I could find only  below listed function which has remote in the
> function naming conventions.
> But none of them seems to be related to setting the account status.
> public void PurpleAccountNotifyAdded(int account, String remote_user,
> String id, String alias, String message);
>   public int PurpleConvCustomSmileyAdd(int conv, String smile, String
> cksum_type, String chksum, int remote);
>   public String PurpleXferGetRemoteUser(int xfer);
>   public String PurpleXferGetRemoteIp(int xfer);
>   public void PurpleXferCancelRemote(int xfer);
> Can you provide me more information such as function name and order of
> execution of 
> the functions if multiple functions are present.

$ less /usr/bin/purple-remote

> Any help is highly appreciated.

You are welcome.


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