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Gary Kramlich grim at
Mon Jan 19 07:49:14 EST 2009

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> I know.
> Maybe you are still not understanding my point so I'll repeat it: I'm
> accusing you
> of not being interested on dropping "your way" and use a freedesktop
> standard by default.
> I understand your theme system *allows* _alternative_ systems, I'm not
> saying it doesn't. I'm saying there's a collaborative way of doing
> things (play well with others, follow specs) and there's an
> individualistic way (do things your own way); you are not interested
> in playing well with others, that's it.
> Following the ODF example, when Microsoft pushed the OpenXML format
> they where not 'playing well with others' even though they *allowed*
> ODF as an _alternative_ format.
As I've already stated, at least once on this list, it was a decision 
made at the beginning of SoC last fucking year, due to the time 
constraints.  If you don't like it, write a standard for a time machine, 
build said time machine to said specification, use said time machine, 
and then discuss the merit of it.  Now please, let this go.

So you're comparing us to microsoft.  Thanks, get the fuck off our list, 
go fuck yourself, we're tired of your shit.

I apologize to anyone this email has offended, but this needed to be said.

Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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