Merging next.minor into trunk

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Jan 26 05:46:02 EST 2009

How do people feel about merging the
branch into im.pidgin.pidgin and making our next release 2.6.0?  I've
spent some time looking at next.minor today... the changes actually
aren't that bad.  The main changes are the addition of the theme
summer of code project from last year and some struct hiding.

If there are no objections I can merge that branch in the next few
days (and we can keep doing struct hiding until we think we want to
release).  Richard, did you say there was something you wanted to look
into before merging?

Regardless of what we do with next.minor, we may want to do a small
patch release of 2.5.5 with a fix for the ICQ connection problem, if
the problems persists.  See for
more info.


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