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ANDY sirald66 at
Mon Jan 26 12:13:28 EST 2009

I'm requesting leads on a previous 3rd-party plug-in developer.  I
understand that this forum offers no official support of 3rd party plug-ins.

At one point a plug-in for the (GDC) chat rooms was created and
worked well with GAIM and then Pidgin.  At the beginning of October 2008,
GDC moved their IRC based servers to an internal-only network and changed
the interface protocol from Java to Ajax.

The original developer forums for this plugin were at:

I've been unable to get the attention of the developers through either.  On
the Yahoo Groups, my membership request does not get answered and expires
after a couple weeks.  So my question to you is that if you happen to know
developers that were part of that project, please pass along my interest.

The specific group paying attention is here:

Thank you all for your good works.
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